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Prof S P S Matharu

Professor Machine Design, Tribology of Rolling Element Beari... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Tiwari

Professor Thermal Engineering,Solar Thermal Application,Pass... View Profile

Prof S D Patle

Professor Thermal Energy and Environmental Engineering... View Profile

Prof Rahul Salhotra

Professor Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics Thermal Engg.... View Profile

Prof Shubhashis Sanyal

Professor Machine Design, Mechanism Synthesis, Stress Analys... View Profile

Prof Shobha lata Sinha

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics in Thermal Engg.... View Profile

Prof A M Rawani

Professor Interest Industrial Engg and Management, Strateg... View Profile

Dr N.V. Swamy Naidu

Associate Professor Bio-Mechanics, Nano-Composite Structures, Function... View Profile

Dr Satish Kr. Dewangan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Multiphase Flow, Experimental and Computational Fl... View Profile

Dr Raj Kr. Sahu

Assistant Professor Smart Materials, Mechanical Characterisation, Elec... View Profile

Dr Nisha Netam

Assistant Professor Heat Transfer, Two-Phase Materials, Thermal Comfor... View Profile

Dr Mridul Singh Rajput

Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided M... View Profile

Dr Harendra Kr. Narang

Assistant Professor Production Engg, Arc Welding, Composite Material, ... View Profile

Dr Jagadish

Assistant Professor Green Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Proces... View Profile

Dr Anuj Kumar Shukla Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Anuj Kumar Shukla’s primary research interest in... View Profile

Dr Somnath Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Design, XFEM, Computational Solid Mechanics, Dynam... View Profile

Mr G K Sahu

Assistant Professor Engg Material for Design and Production... View Profile

Dr Srinivasu Gangi setti

Assistant Professor Functionally Graded Materials, Composite Materials... View Profile

Dr Amit Raj Singh

Assistant Professor Industrial Engg, SCM, Optimization.... View Profile

Dr Subhankar Bhowmick

Associate Professor Structural Mechanics, Fluid Structure Interaction,... View Profile

Dr R K Yadav

Associate Professor Thermal Energy... View Profile

Dr Nitin Kumar Jain

Associate Professor Solid Mechanics, Vibration, Machine Design... View Profile